Convoy, KeepTruckin partner to help carriers provide timely, reliable service

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Convoy and KeepTruckin have integrated their services to enhance freight visibility, even in areas with poor cell reception.
SEATTLE — A new technology partnership between Convoy, a digital freight network, and KeepTruckin, a provider of fleet-management technology, is designed to help carriers simplify daily tasks and grow their businesses.
The partnership will integrate Convoy’s digital freight network with KeepTruckin’s freight-visibility API (application programming interface) to access location data for en-route shipments (generated by consenting carriers in its network that use KeepTruckin’s electronic logging devices, or ELDs) to provide enhanced visibility and eliminate the need for additional driver check-in calls. Carriers will have total control and must provide consent before their data will be shared between the two companies.
Carriers on a Convoy shipment turn on their mobile app prior to pick-up, enabling GPS to identify their location throughout the trip and communicate progress to help ensure an on-time delivery. However, if the carrier’s mobile phone loses battery or if the driver enters an area with poor cell reception, GPS is unable to send precise location information to Convoy’s platform, requiring check-ins with the carrier to confirm the shipment’s estimated arrival time.
Convoy and KeepTruckin’s freight-visibility integration will provide a secondary location proof point to augment Convoy’s shipment-tracking capabilities using data from the carrier’s KeepTruckin ELD. As a result, carriers in Convoy’s network that consent to share KeepTruckin data with Convoy will benefit from enhanced shipment tracking. This will eliminate the need for check-in calls and give carriers the ability to easily manage their Convoy integration through the KeepTruckin platform.
“We are excited to kick off a strategic, multifaceted partnership with a fellow industry leader in KeepTruckin, starting with the integration of their freight visibility API and offering discounts on critical fleet management products,” said Brooks McMahon, vice president of partnerships for Convoy. “Ensuring carriers in our network have access to high-quality ELD devices, and powerful fleet management tools at reasonable pricing, is core to our commitment to help carriers earn more with less hassle.”
This partnership also lowers costs for carriers by offering a 15% discount on KeepTruckin’s ELDs and other fleet-management technology. KeepTruckin’s Electronic Logbook App and ELD system have more than half a million users nationwide. When compared to other fleet management vendors, carriers can use the newly offered discount to save up to $1,000 per year on each truck in their fleet.
“At KeepTruckin, we have a relentless focus on driver experience — it’s in our DNA,” said Jairam Ranganathan, senior vice president of product for KeepTruckin.
“We’re excited to create a best-in-class experience for carriers in Convoy’s network that gives them complete control over their data. We envision many opportunities in the weeks and months ahead to help carriers leverage their data to grow their businesses with a platform they’re already using to be compliant and with information that is already being generated,” Ranganathan continued. “Now drivers can use that data for a competitive advantage — without any additional work besides opting in — to eliminate headaches, access more load opportunities, and make more money.”
For more information about the Convoy-KeepTruckin partnership and the 15% discount, click here.

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