Transportation Experts Share Their Insights On Digital Freight Brokerages

Article written by Steve Banker
ARC has recently completed global market studies and supplier selection guides on transportation management systems and managed transportation services. In the process of completing those studies, we spoke to some of the brightest executives in logistics about digital freight brokerages. With the rise of Uber Freight, and the amount of venture capital that has flowed into companies like Loadsmart, digital freight brokerages have gotten a good deal of attention. A digital freight brokerage uses technology to make the process of working with a broker to secure a move more automated and less time consuming.

When companies want to reduce their transportation costs, while maintaining or even improving customer service, they have two main choices: implement a transportation management system (TMS) or outsource transportation to a managed services firm. A transportation management system helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.
The managed transportation services (MTS) – also called managed trans – providers have planners in a control tower using TMS technology, who plan and execute loads on behalf of their customers. Some MTS providers have developed their own TMS, some have purchased an off-the-shelf transportation management system from companies like Oracle or Blue Yonder.
Digital Freight Brokerage Partnerships
Several leading transportation management system suppliers – whether off-the-shelf or MTS providers – have chosen to partner with digital brokers. Brett Minner, Director of Logistics as a Service at BluJay Solutions, said “We are investing in partnerships for digital brokerage.” BluJay has developed application programming interfaces within its TMS to Uber Freight, Loadsmart, Convoy, and Sleek Fleet. This integration allows for “a real-time rate quote with guaranteed service. Our customers do need freight contracts with those providers.”

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