Moving Toward Greener Freight and Logistics, Flexport Seeks to Offset Carbon

DFM Commentary:

Shippers and freight companies are increasingly interested in reducing their carbon footprint and/or offsetting carbon emissions. This article highlights funding of carbon-removal technologies through an infrastructure technology company, Stripe Climate. Several shippers and dynamic freight matching companies have been featured in the press recently with their efforts. DFM Data Corp’s anonymized data sharing solution with a collaborative governance structure could reduce empty miles and carbon emissions as well, through carrier network sharing.

Link to Source:

Quotes from Article:

“Many of our users have told us they want to take climate action but don’t because figuring out what to do can be time-intensive and complicated…”
“…Flexport will commit a portion of its revenue to support the development of carbon-removal technologies, which are often overlooked in terms of funding.”

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