Bringing digitalization to the business world: A DLT adoption outlook

DFM Commentary:

Adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) continues to expand as new capabilities and use cases are discovered, evaluated, and implemented. Digitization can provide the foundation for more efficient processes that increases competitiveness for companies and the industry. Blockchain and similar technologies can then be deployed to further improve outcomes, and are part of DFM Data Corp’s product roadmap.

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Quotes from Article:

“What makes DLTs special is their capacity to cut out intermediaries in most supply chains while making it possible for stakeholders to collaborate autonomously without the need for a centralized authority figure. As the world continues to digitize its traditional workflow processes, the significance of DLTs increases.”
“DLTs, in combination with other technologies, including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, are attempting to change the way trust and accountability are perceived while making it easy to track operations and achieve efficiency.”

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