Tive visibility platform secures $12M Series A

DFM Commentary:

Venture investment funds continue to pour into the domestic freight transportation sector. Tive’s visibility platform with temperature sensitive monitoring is getting significant attention due to the temperature sensitive nature of the Covid vaccines. Visibility also improves efficiency and provides options for shippers, brokers, and carriers. Broad visibility requires collaboration in an environment of coopetition with strong governance in place. DFM Data Corp has the solution with a member-guided governance structure for addressing industry opportunities and issues.

Link to Source: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/tive-visibility-platform-secures-12m-series-a

Quotes from Article:

“…conversations with drivers revealed deficiencies with passive temperature sensors checked only at the end of day, when it was too late to catch problems”
“The historic mobilization underway to ship COVID-19 vaccines has only compounded interest in temperature-control technologies”

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