Firm ensures retailers have wares

DFM Commentary:

It’s a great time of year to be thankful for the freight transportation industry’s efforts to keep this nation supplied and running during one of the biggest disruptions in our lifetime. Brokers, 3PL’s like Circle Logistics (mentioned in the attached article), shippers, and carriers all played a part in keeping this country supplied. But the highest honor has to go to the frontline workers and especially the drivers for their dedication and willing sacrifice. Over the holiday I was on the road and saw trucks from JB Hunt, Schneider, Landstar, and Dart and was once again grateful for their work. #thankatrucker

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Quotes from Article:

“…everything we eat, wear and have in our homes was probably shipped on a truck at some point before we acquired it.”
“Our entire focus this year has been to help our customers find creative and efficient ways to keep shipments moving despite the continued disruptions…”

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