Technology Reduces Deadhead Miles, Improving Trucking Efficiency

DFM Commentary:

The article by Ashley Lewis of NEXT Trucking speaks to the transforming effect of technology applied to the freight transportation marketplace. Better outcomes for shippers, brokers, and drivers compound the positive effective on the environment by reducing empty miles. Interconnected and trusted networks can deliver those improved outcomes and are part of DFM Data Corp.’s platform solution.

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Quotes from Article:

“To maintain the backbone of the freight economy and ensure the transport of goods can be executed efficiently  — while also chipping away at the damaging environmental effects of fossil fuel emissions  — the trucking industry is looking to technology.
“A software solution or digital freight marketplace can interrupt that cycle and match that driver with a nearby export, allowing the driver to reduce deadhead, intercept that export load, and deliver it to the port destination in time to collect their next container. The result is fewer unnecessary fuel emissions released into the atmosphere and fewer wasted hours on the road — a valuable advantage for drivers, who receive their best compensation rates when they’re actively delivering cargo.”

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