‘Visualizing’ the next phase in logistics

DFM Commentary:

Eric Johnson’s blog article highlights the benefit of using more and more sophisticated tools and data in our business decision making. The tools are important but only after defining the questions the business needs answered, and the collection of, or connection to the data that can provide the insights. DFM Data Corp. stands ready to help. DFM Data Corp.’s mission is to build a freight transportation consortium, governed by members, that aggregates and shares anonymized data with members to improve productivity and profitability.

Link to Source: https://ericjohnson.substack.com/p/visualizing-the-next-phase-in-logistics

Quotes from Article:

“The proliferation of visualization tools that transform analytics into pictures will touch almost every aspect of global trade and logistics.”
“I’ve seen countless dashboards, but I’m talking about a graphical representation of relational or traditionally disconnected data that would uncover an insight for a decision-maker.”

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