Blockchain Decoded: Crucial Pillar For Industry 4.0 And Dire Need For Adoption [Explained]

DFM Commentary:

Blockchain continues to mature and become a preferred solution in supply chain because of the efficiency and transparency it provides network participants. Trust is a critical component and BiTA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance) is helping develop standards that will facilitate data sharing within the permissioned network. Blockchain is part of the technology roadmap for the consortium that DFM Data Corp. is building with Digital/Dynamic Freight Matching companies. #blockchaininsupplychain #digitalfreightmatching #BiTA

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Quotes from Article:

“Blockchain is emerging as the new technology paradigm in the supply chain areas – Blockchain, along with IoT, forms one of the crucial pillars for Industry 4.0.”
“With blockchain, the process of carrier onboarding can not only be simplified but also undertaken in a collaborative environment to save resources.”

Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)’s Timeline
Accenture Report

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