If a TMS is not enough: manage transport Technology Complexity

DFM Commentary:

Comprehensive and integrated technology platforms digitize and significantly improve freight transportation operations. The article makes the point that integration of specialty platforms can add needed depth and breadth to operational networks and capabilities. Integrated platforms and operations deliver better data and improved decision making. DFM Data Corp.’s anonymized data sharing solution can add even more depth and breadth to a DFM network through collaboration and trusted network development.

Link to Source: https://www.compsmag.com/news/technology/if-a-tms-is-not-enough-manage-transport-technology-complexity/

Quotes from Article:

“While the emergence of microservices and other solutions that complement the TMS create new opportunities to reduce transportation costs and improve service levels, they also bring greater complexity to transportation management.”
“…many TMS providers market their platforms as a complete solution. But in our experience managing large and complex transportation networks across a number of industries, no TMS can live up to that high claim…”

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