AscendTMS Carriers Moved Over 3,000,000 Loads In 2020. Over 5,000,000 Loads Expected In 2021

DFM Commentary:

The freight transportation industry continues to accelerate their digitization. Dynamic/digital freight matching has clear benefits to shippers and carriers through efficient match making although relationships still do matter. Congratulations to AscendTMS and their incredible progress. DFM Data Corp. supports the continued growth of the dynamic freight matching marketplace and looks forward to growing its interconnectedness and success. #digitalfreightmatching #digitization

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Quotes from Article:

“The small and medium sized carrier, freight broker and shipper is embracing digital freight technology faster today than at any other time in history.”
“…this trend is largely being driven by their own customers, who also see immediate cost and service benefits when they move more of their freight to be transacted digitally.”

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