DAT and Axele Announce Strategic Partnership, Expanded Integration

DFM Commentary:

DAT and Axele’s announcement continues the trend of interconnectedness in the freight transportation marketplace and strengthening value propositions. The agreement puts greater capabilities into the hands of small and medium sized companies through better data and integrated tools. DFM Data Corp. supports the interconnected and interoperable future of the digital freight matching marketplaces. #digitalfreightmatching #interconnected

Link to Source: https://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2021/02/11/9306503.htm

Quotes from Article:

“…small and midsized truckload fleets will now have a modern, connected TMS that can streamline the freight-matching process and lead to better decisions and greater profitability,…”
“…smaller truckload carriers can benefit from TMS capabilities enjoyed by only the largest trucking companies,…”

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