The Shipping Industry’s eBL Challenge

DFM Commentary:

Eric Johnson’s recent article, although addressing ocean freight, is just as applicable and relevant to freight transportation. A lack of standards inhibits industry interoperability and is inherent friction in the supply chain. DFM Data Corp.’s member governed utility is structured to address the interconnectedness and interoperability needed to improve efficiency and customer responsiveness outcomes for the dynamic/digital freight matching marketplace. Let’s stop the Groundhog Day cycle and collaborate to move the industry forward. #Interoperability #digitalfreightmatching

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Quotes from Article:

“What does that interoperability look like? Well, there could be an interoperability layer, or clearinghouse, that essentially acts like a universal power adapter between all the eBL products and parties that need to generate or receive the eBL. That’s where the first issue comes into play – the lack of a neutral body driving such an interoperability layer.”

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