U.S. Xpress to deploy Platform Science technology

DFM Commentary:

Progressive organizations like U.S. Xpress continue to invest in technology that interconnects; in this case, driver applications which create a better user experience and seamless workflow. Interconnection and interoperability at the truck, fleet, or marketplace level can create improved outcomes for the participants. DFM Data Corp.’s utility solution provides the foundation for collaborative data-sharing that ultimately facilitates better decision making and efficiency across the digital freight matching marketplace. #datasharing #digitalfreightmatching.

Link to Source: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/us-xpress-to-deploy-platform-science-technology

Quotes from Article:

“Growing a digitally focused fleet requires access to top-shelf technology, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions.”
““As we transform towards a true digital transportation solutions provider, we’re embracing technology and innovation to drive growth,…”

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