Consumer goods group lobbies for federal ‘air traffic control’ for trucks

DFM Commentary:

The supply chain keeps this country running and its resiliency was sorely tested during the pandemic. Concern over the broader coordination of freight capacity brings the question – Should the federal government even more closely coordinate and regulate trucking? An neutral utility with an industry-led governance structure would be a much better solution. DFM Data Corp. knows what this looks like. #leadership

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Quotes from Article:

“The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry wants the federal government to get involved in initiatives that measure freight demand — currently deployed solely by the private sector — to get a more accurate picture of available trucking capacity.”
““There are several private sector initiatives doing this (e.g., Project 44, Macro Point and Trimble), but each is constrained by the number of shippers and carriers subscribing to their service,” the study points out. “Only the federal government can mandate the participation of all trucking companies (and other highway users) to achieve true optimization.””

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