acquires carrier compliance firm RMIS

DFM Commentary:

John Paul Hampstead’s article on the acquisition of RMIS by Truckstop explores the benefits to customers and the history of the relationship between the two companies and their leaders. The combined company will have better predictive data to operate and work with customers. More accurate and cleaner data along with broader data-sharing can accelerate better results for a company or the industry. Data-sharing and collaboration can reduce the effects of fragmentation in the dynamic/digital freight marketplace providing for better customer outcomes. DFM Data Corp. has a member governed framework to facilitate that data-sharing and collaboration, and actualize better outcomes for all supply chain stakeholders.

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Quotes from Article:

“Truckstop may be able to create solutions that recommend previously unknown capacity to a brokerage during a tight market, or connect a carrier with more sources of freight in a looser market.”
“What you’ll see from us with this acquisition is that we’ll be able to better match carriers and brokers together…”

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