DFM Data Corp. releases the Anonymizer™ – The Digital Freight Industries First Neutral Data Clearinghouse

Today DFM Data Corp., Inc. (“DFMDC”) announced the launch of its Anonymizer™ technology available May 4, 2021.  The Anonymizer™ enables North American shippers, carriers, and freight brokers to collaborate using unique global IDs to track loads, shipments, truck capacity, and exceptions while maintaining the transaction stakeholders’ confidentiality.


Quotes from Article:

The Anonymizer™ is the capstone of digital freight matching technology as it empowers multiple market Members to communicate load/capacity availability which facilitates dynamic digital freight matching. The load, once posted and processed through the Anonymizer™, is assigned a global common identifier allowing market-wide distribution. All sensitive information is stripped before broadcasting a load/shipment’s status. Once the load ID is matched, the Anonymizer™ sends messages to those Members that an update to that load ID number has occurred, indicating a change in status. Subscribing to this synchronizing messaging system prevents time from being wasted on shipments that are already covered. Additionally, the Anonymizer™ is central to the freight market’s overall data hygiene and reporting.

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