TMS integrations with digital freight brokers are gaining momentum

DFM Commentary:

Supply Chain Dive’s article explores the rapid integration and use of technology in the freight brokerage marketplace. The partnerships between digital freight brokerages (DFBs) and transportations management systems (TMSs) takes advantage of expanded networks and capabilities to post and respond to shipper load demands more quickly. The resulting proliferation of replicated load postings helps to cover the load quickly but creates a polluted marketplace view and broker inefficiency when they are not cleansed after the load is covered. DFM Data Corp.’s Anonymizer™ solution cleanses the replicated loads for our collaborative members and feeds an aggregated and anonymized database of true freight transactions for better decision making. #datasharing #collaboration

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Quotes from Article:

“Some digital brokers, like Transfix, so far have partnered with a small number of transportation software providers, while others, such as Convoy, have partnered with more than a dozen. Regardless of the exact number, the integration trend is clear as most digital brokers have forged at least one TMS partnership.”
“We’re going to see unprecedented migration of data that was isolated and siloed and offline to the cloud,”

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