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    Kontainers is an enterprise software company that provides freight forwarders and carriers with customer-facing execution platforms.

    Working with 4 of the top20 global shipping brands, including Maersk (ship.maerskline.com), Kontainers Enterprise is powering a customer-centric revolution in shipping, dramatically increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction and much more.

    Kontainers Edge, released in Q4 2018, has been a hit since launch. Providing forwarders all over the world with the same technical capabilities as digital forwarders.

    'Traditional Forwarders have built up networks, relationships and domain experience over decades. Digital forwarders have good tech, but need to raise hundreds of millions to play catch up on the first three pillars. With Kontainers, the final piece of the jigsaw, any forwarder in the world can become a 'Modern Forwarder'​ and nullify the USP of these digital forwarders in just 4 weeks.'​

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