History and Vision for the Future of Digital Freight Matching

Back in 2003, DFM Data Corp’s founder, Michael Darden, literally invented the concept of Digital Freight Matching and launched the industry’s first DFM company, Power2Ship, and was awarded the patent that defines and details digital freight matching: US7755518B2: “Dynamic and predictive information system and method for shipping assets and transport”.  Today, Michael partners with digital freight matching providers of every stripe to enable a central DFM data clearinghouse designed to benefit all DFM providers.

In the early 2000’s, technology in transportation was just beginning to blossom with web based Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and load posting sites like Dial A Truck, GetLoaded and Truckstop.com. The first iPhone came out in 2007, but before that generation of device was invented and offered to the masses, we witnessed the very beginnings of commercial wireless communication with push-to-talk devices.  

In 2003, Power2Ship Launched its MobileMarket for Shippers and Carriers to interact in a marketplace to book loads based on availability of Drivers – Tractors – and Trailers.  We had solved the mathematical equation of how to plan future capacity for Drivers – Tractors and Trailers and to dynamically match it to Transport Orders from Shippers when they had demand and were short capacity.

This video was produced in 2003 and was directed toward our Shipper Customers… We called them P2S Shippers and Private Shippers.