Membership – new

Any company choosing to join the DFM Data Corp., Inc. membership cooperative may do so. There are differing level of membership as well as the opportunity to purchase equity both early and as long as there is equity available. Joining the membership brings with it a host of privileges and opportunities not available to legacy and siloed Freight and Digital Freight Matching companies.

Participating in our cooperative enables the leveraging of the best and brightest minds in the FreightTech and Logistics industry. Sharing intuition, invention and collaborative knowledge and experience enables the formation of new ideas, strategies and technologies not possible in any one organization.

Companies can join this cooperative as either individual or company Contributing Members, whereby you or your entire company can represent or be represented in any or all of our membership committees. Our committees include Governance (Standards creation), Operations(Systems and company Operations), Technology (Use and development of existing and new tools and products), Marketing(ability to leverage DFM Data Corp and member companies experience and reach) and Accounting(the Dollars and Sense of our collective business).

Dynamic Freight Systems and companies performing electronic matching can join our cooperative in one of two ways. They can join as a licensed member whereby there membership includes the appropriate licensing and

means that your company has agreed to share anonymized transactional data with the rest of the industry. It also implies that you understand that the your company will be part of a DFM industry consortium where competitors have agreed to collaborate and cooperate for the benefit all DFMs and their customers. And, to your customers, it means that because your company has the cleanest data possible, it can provide the very best quality service.

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