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Digital Freight Sector Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak

Article by Connor D. Wolf Getty Images [Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] Digital freight companies are taking a proactive approach to confronting the coronavirus as the outbreak worsens. “This outbreak has been massively disruptive for the American economy and we, like many others, everyone in the freight industry right now, […]

The ‘Uber for trucking’ tries to navigate some Uber-scale problems – Dina Bass | Oct 29 2019 at 06:00 AM

Amit Sekhri took up trucking in the thick of the Great Recession, drawn in part by the freedom of driving the open roads. He was prepared for long hours and weeks away from home. But two of his biggest—and least expected—gripes were the constant phone calls and late payments. Like many truckers, Sekhri booked his […]

Digital Freight: The Race to Automate Truck Brokerage

Written by Benjamin Gordon In the race to digitize the truck brokerage market, will the winner be an incumbent or a challenger? The upside is enormous. Trucking is a $734 billion market. Truckload and less-than-truckload revenue constitute close to $400 billion. If 20% of that market is outsourced, then truck brokerage spending totals $80 billion. […]

Traditional freight brokers investing millions to stay on top – FreightWaves – Ben Thrower, Contributor 09/23/2019

 New technologies are changing the way the freight brokerage industry performs day-to-day operations. (Image: Jim Allen/FreightWaves) New technologies are changing the way the freight brokerage industry performs day-to-day operations. For the past several years it has been the consensus in the industry that the freight brokerage market is headed in the direction of doing everything […]

Uber Freight, leveraging network density, introduces Bundles and expands Powerloop

Uber Freight announced today that it is expanding its signature drop trailer program Powerloop to California and that it is rolling out a new nationwide offering, Bundles, which allows carriers to book backhaul loads simultaneously with headhaul loads. Both of these moves highlight Uber Freight’s increasing network density as the digital freight brokerage continues to […]

Why digital freight brokers might fail to disrupt the freight brokerage industry

Written by Brian Aoeah The news about Convoy raising capital at a multi-billion dollar valuation got me thinking again about innovation, technology, and disruption in the freight brokerage market. It also comes on the heels of; “What Are Digital Freight Brokers Worth?”, an extensive research report published by FreightWaves’ proprietary research desk, Freight Intel – […]

Uber Invests $200 Million to Expand Freight Trucking – Supply Chain 247 – By 24/7 Staff

Uber & Uber Freight Investment As reported by The Verge, Uber will invest $200 million and hire thousands of engineers to bolster its two-year-old long-haul trucking venture, Uber Freight, the company announced today. It’s a huge vote of confidence in Uber’s growing freight division, even as Uber’s overall business continues to hemorrhage billions of dollars every […]

Uber Freight Opens HQ in Chicago With Expansive Plans – Roger Gilroy | Transport Topics – Staff Reporter

A driver looks at the Uber Freight app. (Uber Technologies Inc.) [Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] Uber Freight, the load-matching business unit of Uber Technologies Inc., announced it has opened its new headquarters in Chicago and plans to hire 2,000 employees over the next three years to handle engineering […]

Updated: Revenue and losses climb at Uber Freight – FreightWaves – Todd Maiden

Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) second quarter 2019 report probably won’t receive the accolades garnered by its ride-hailing competitor, Lyft (NYSE: LYFT). Uber’s second quarter as a public company saw a loss of $5.2 billion (closer to $1 billion excluding stock-based compensation and one-time driver awards), or $4.72 per share, which was much worse than […]

How much are digital freight brokerages really worth? (Video in source link) – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

If everything goes right, the market cap of all digital brokerages in the United States could total $30 billion in 10 years. The total addressable market for digital freight brokerage is a mere fraction of the size quoted in pitch decks and investment bank research reports, but there’s still plenty of upside for a few […]