Smaller fleets going through the cloud for business intelligence

DFM Commentary:

Data analytics are driving improved decision making in freight transportation including driver performance, dynamic freight matching, and pricing. As digitization and data analytics become increasingly critical investments, vendors are coming to market with more affordable offerings for small entities. The foundation is still having clean, accurate, and timely data. Helping digital freight matching brokers, 3PL’s, and carriers sanitize duplicate load and carrier information through anonymized data sharing is DFM Data Corp.’s mission. #digitalfreightmatching #digitization

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Quotes from Article:

“Smaller fleets that operate fewer than 200 trucks have not traditionally invested in a BI technology stack to automate routine or more advanced reporting needs.”
“Fleets already have an abounding supply of data from transportation management software (TMS), electronic logging devices (ELDs), vehicle telematics, electronic payments and other systems.”

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