Why Data is No More Valuable Than GameStop

DFM Commentary:

Eric Johnson’s provocative blog article has prompted quite a few responses on both sides of the basic proposition that data shared is more valuable (within limits). His position is that supply chains work best when connected with real time data flows that allow nimbleness and efficiency in decision making and work performed. That is exactly DFM Data Corp.’s solution proposition – let’s share anonymized data amongst the dynamic/digital freight matching marketplace to remove duplicated load and carrier information that has already been booked and confirmed, in order to improve efficiency and decision making. #datasharing #digitalfreightmatching

Link to Source: https://ericjohnson.substack.com/p/why-data-is-no-more-valuable-than

Quotes from Article:

“We often hear about internal data silos afflicting the logistics industry, but what that really means is that data is of limited value on its own, even within a single organization.
“being able to share it with other parties is where real value is created.”

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