Sharing Data to Address Our Biggest Societal Challenges

DFM Commentary:

BCG’s article describes many use cases and benefits of data sharing to create both economic and societal value. Freight transportation’s increased efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions are perfect examples of how data sharing improves outcomes. DFM Data Corp.’s member governed utility solution has been developed to deliver those benefits with broad anonymized data sharing within the dynamic/digital freight matching marketplace. #datasharing #digitalfreightmatching

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Quotes from Article:

“Data sharing can also facilitate coordination and foster trust among multiple parties in a supply chain, enabling new business models in a circular economy.”
“Sharing data—from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources—with companies and organizations participating in ecosystems and public-private partnerships can be both a key part of a company’s total societal impact strategy and a foundation for sustainable business model innovation.”

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